Sunday, July 15, 2007


I assume this probably won't excite many people as much as me, but Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet is finally coming to DVD. This is to me the best ever adaptation of a Shakespeare play to the screen, and has been long overdue for DVD. It was right up there with the Wonder Years as the shows I've been waiting for the most on DVD but that have never been released. Well it's finally coming.


Anonymous CF Kane (returning under a mask) said...

I actually saw Branagh's 'Hamlet' in the theater back in 1996--I liked it quite a bit, but my main memory of it was, after the movie ended (all 4 hours of it), the entire audience seemed to let loose an audible sigh, as though to say..'We made it! We're cultured!' was actually a bit of a bonding moment ( I still try to exchange Christmas cards with the guy who sat three rows behind me..). Wonder Years, I think, may be a bit of a wait...I believe there are big-time licensing issues over the music played in the show, so the producers either have to pay off a lot of artists, or they will have to dub in new songs to cover (they did this on the WKRP DVD release, and while it isn't a big deal, you really do notice it if you were a fan of the show.). Personally, I really want to get ahold of the 60's 'Batman' show, and 'The Man from Uncle' on DVD...but, then, I'm older than you are, Todd.

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