Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Worst Article I've Read in a While

This guy doesn't have a clue. He's arguing that the NBA draft this year doesn't have much star power or excitement, and that reflects poorly on David Stern's idea to make high schoolers no longer eligible for the draft. Where to even begin? Well, for starters, there are just weak drafts. The Kwame Brown/Tyson Chandler/Eddy Curry draft sucked as well, and it wasn't because there weren't high schoolers there. Moreover, the basic premise is false. High schoolers do not on the whole generate more interest than college players. They generate less, because they are less known. That's THE WHOLE POINT of sending them to college in the first place from the NBA or NFL's perspective. LeBron James was the exception to the rule. Then there's perhaps the biggest point of all, that being one would expect these to be the weakest draft of them all, because none of the high schoolers are allowed to come out, and the guys who were forced to go to school aren't declaring yet. So there's naturally going to be a weaker pool. And finally, he says about three times that this draft would be more exciting with Greg Oden. Well guess what? He's not going to fall off the face of the earth. He will declare for the draft pretty damn soon. And there will likely be more interest by that point because more people will have seen him. Is this guy so short-sighted and stupid that he can't see that the same guy declaring this year versus next year doesn't have any affect on the overall quality of the NBA draft as an institution? Wow, just wow. It's hard to believe an article this bad would be on the front of a sports website.


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