Thursday, June 22, 2006

Soccer and Fake Injuries

I like international soccer, but the one aspect of the game that is always so hard for me to get into is the way players flop and dive over minor collisions to draw fouls and cards. It's just so ridiculous. It's one thing in hockey, where you fall down to try to draw the whistle, and then just get up. But the soccer players flop around on the ground as if they are in some sort of uncontrollable pain, and then get carried off on a stretcher like they broke their leg. It's so pathetic it really pisses me off. American football players are probably in more pain entering the field than soccer players are when they are carted off. This was on display today. Claudio Reyna got beat pretty damn clearly, setting up a Ghana goal. And so he fell to the ground feigning enormous pain when the replay revealed about the worst he got was a bump of the knees. It's understandable to try to draw a foul to negate a breakaway one on one with the goalie, but after the goal, get up you wimp. You got beat. Stop trying to draw sympathy and get back out there.


Blogger 17Haze said...

I agree and I didn't like it either. But I was listening to the coverage of the World Cup on XM Radio and they made a good point about why this happens. They said the players will often lay around just to give themselves and their other players a break. I would tend to agree with that and it seems logical. I mean these guys run for 45 minutes straight without a break or timeouts. When I heard the reasoning behind it, it makes it easier to deal with, at least for me.

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