Sunday, March 12, 2006

UCLA Gets #2 Seed

The Bruins got a nice slot for the tournament, with a 2 seed and an unintimidating bracket. I'm not sure they deserved to be that high, but they are certainly healthy and clicking at the right time. Sweet Sixteen looks like a good bet, and with their tough D, they might go farther than that. I really like this team, with the core of Farmar, Afflalo, and Mbah a Moute reunited with the now healthy Bozeman and the emerging Ryan Hollins. I'm excited about their chances.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My alma mater, Boston College, did OK as well. Not so much with the seed but with Nevada, inexplicably a 5 seed, looming in round number two. It's also inexplicable how Missouri State, Cincinnati, et al with high RPIs and Sagarin ratings get left out. Subjective analysis can NEVER be as good as objective analysis. I like the NCAA hockey tournament where it's entirely objective even though I don't like the formula entirely. At least that way everyone knows exactly what is necessary.

4:48 PM  
Blogger Todd Martin said...

My friend goes to BU's law school, and it's amazing how into NCAAA hockey he is at this point. It's a real cult.

5:53 PM  
Blogger 17Haze said...

I don't think UCLA will make it that far this year. Maybe they can make it to the Sweet 16 but I think thats it.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Herman said...

17haze, nice of you to follow up on your prediction with some solid reasoning. Well, maybe next time you'll offer up a reason.

I happen to think UCLA will advance to the Elite 8. There are two things a team MUST have to advance far into the tourney: 1) Top-notch guard play; 2) Clutch players.

The Bruins have both in Farmar and Afflalo. The key for UCLA is how quickly Mbah A Moute and Aboya adapt to the tournament atmosphere.

But UCLA is used to playing tough defense (whereas a lot of teams will try to turn it on in March). The Bruins know how to win hard-fought, defensive-minded, low-scoring games, which also bodes well for them.

Of course, all this reasoning only means I'm wrong and Belmont will be advancing past the first round. LOL.

Go Bruins.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Todd Martin said...

From a purely objective standpoint, that is some tremendous analysis.

6:03 PM  
Blogger 17Haze said...

James: Ok I really didn't know I had to explain myself on here for my prediction but here ya go.

First of all I'm not all that impressed with the Pac-10 Conference. It has been ranked behind the Missouri Valley Conference all season and only has 3 teams ranked in the Top 50 in RPI.

They are the 5th best team in this bracket in my opinion behind Memphis, Gonzaga, Kansas and Pittsburgh.

They rely to much on their guard play which might win you a few games in the tournament but having solid big men is what wins championships. (see: Sean May, Emeka Okafor from the last two years.)

They only beat two NCAA tournament teams (Nevada, and Albany)in the non-conference part of the schedule. Hardly powerhouses. The two very good teams they played in the non-con, Memphis and West Virginia, they lost to.

I believe they are a very good team but maybe this is a year too soon. Next year this team is going to be mighty tough. I have nothing against UCLA its just my opinion.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Herman said...

17haze: Excellent analysis with some very valid points. I will point out that UCLA was dealing with an unusual amount of injuries most of the season, so it's kind of hard to judge them off their losses to Memphis and West Virginia.
I didn't mean to single you out, but oftentimes, people spout an opinion and offer nothing to back it up. I see you do have something to offer and respect your opinion a lot more than before.
Though, saying Kansas is better than UCLA does make me question your availability.

7:20 PM  

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