Wednesday, January 04, 2012

ESPN's Fighting Next

New ESPN the Magazine is their "Next" issue where they pick the "Next" stars of each sport. They profile Phil Davis as "Next" in MMA. They also had fans vote (merging MMA and boxing to create confusion and hostility), with Junior Dos Santos winning with 41 percent to 18 percent for Amir Khan, 17 percent for Phil Davis, 15 percent for Canelo Alvarez and 9 percent for Gary Russell Jr.

What I found most amusing out of the whole thing, though, was that they profiled fans' opinions and selected three opinions from boxing fans (none from MMA fans). The highlight:

"These MMA guys are 5-0, but that's not even out of the starting gate in boxing. Let's see if they can prove themselves and get to 15-0."

Yes, seriously, they selected THAT out of hundreds if not thousands of comments to put into ink and paper form.

Next year's version will mix college football and pro football and have a fan write in that if the pro teams really want to prove themselves they'll win more games 66-0.


Anonymous Semp said...

I think that Cinnamon guy will probably end up getting the duke here.

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