Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No Common Sense

I could understand the backlash to sponsorship deals involving Snoop Dogg and Ludacris. Maybe it wasn't right, but it was understandable. And if the White House invited Ice T to perform, by all means, have at it. But Common? Seriously? I get that all rap music is evil to some (racist) folks, but Christ, these people can't have listened to a single song the man has ever recorded.


Anonymous Bob said...

Todd, take a few minutes and cruise some conservative forums and comment sections, and you'll quickly "get it".

I considered myself a conservative for a long time. By 2006, I was having second thoughts. When the economy crashed in 2008 and all my conservative cohorts could do is insist regulation of the markets would have only made things worse, I'd had enough. At some point if you're a thinking person, you realize that tax cuts and tax credits don't fix everything.

I still browse the sites I used to, just to get different perspectives, and the racism is blatant and sickening. Watermelon and fried chicken jokes mix with idiotic comments about how Obama's Kenyan outlook makes him unfit to be our president. And that's the mild stuff. The Fox Nation sites screens their comments, and they stil let through intentionally misspelled racial slurs, etc. You could convimce yourself that it's a small group of idiots, but nobody seems to be objecting.

In this environment, a rapper is not going to escape criticism.

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