Tuesday, July 06, 2010

1 Hour Special on LeBron's Narcissism Thursday


I'm surprised LeBron didn't ask for a three hour special.


Blogger joven said...

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12:35 AM  
Blogger hobbyfan said...

The only reason ESPN said yes is because they're one of the NBA's TV partners. LeBron James and his circle of leeches relish all the attention, but this is just plain too much.

Of course, you wouldn't have anything like this in any other sport, if but because the NBA markets itself not as a team sport, but a sport full of individual talents who can be marketed separately and treated as more important than their teams, despite the prestige teams in the league (Lakers, Celtics) being major money makers themselves.

7:05 AM  
Blogger AKFooFighter said...

Here's the thing I enjoy most. ESPN talking heads like Cowherd and the like will easily dismiss my criticism of this entire story because I'm a good-for-nothing hockey guy. You know, no one cares about hockey. Your opinion doesn't count, etc.

It's all so off-the-charts irritating. Why can't the NBA simply go away for a while? There is no way its ratings - yes, far more substantial than the NHL's - warrant this kind of ridiculous attention.

- Matt in Anchorage

10:50 AM  
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