Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WWE Raw Report

Date: 11/10/08 from Manchester, England.

The Big News: Jeezy’s not the only one.

Show Analysis:

Batista came out to start the show. He said he wouldn’t whine about losing the title, but that he would invoke his rematch clause. Stephanie McMahon appeared on the screen and said that Batista would get a future title shot but that he won’t get the shot before Chris Jericho wrestles John Cena at Survivor Series. She added that this edition of Raw would be about finality, including Rey Mysterio vs. Kane in a no DQ match and Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels in a last man standing bout. She disingenuously thanked Batista for being understanding.

Randy Orton then came out and said that Batista would have to wait for his title shot because Orton will be getting the next one after Cena. Orton said that he has always been better than Batista, and that he was kicked out of Evolution because he was the most successful. He argued that Batista couldn’t beat him then and can’t beat him now. The crowd started chanting “RKO.” Batista said he’s better than Orton in every way, and the crowd booed Batista. Batista suggested Batista vs. Orton for Raw, and the crowd again chanted RKO. Batista went for the Batista bomb but Orton escaped.

William Regal beat Santino Marella to win the Intercontinental Title. I guess they got tired of Santino as champion, which is too bad since it was an entertaining act. Santino before the match announced that he was so confident in his ability that he was dumping the Honk-a-Meter and debuting the Honk-a-Perfect-Mountie meter. He noted that their combined reigns lasted 123 weeks and that he would top that. The crowd chanted for Santino, and he comically acted flattered.

The weird crowd reactions continued, as Regal didn’t get much of a pop. He destroyed Santino in a squash, pinning him with a running knee. The crowd didn’t react all that big, as I suspect a lot of people wanted to see Santino continue as champion. William Regal then cut a great bizarre promo after the match. He was like a 70s face, only his character is a heel. He said that he is proud to wear the title with pride and dignity as an Englishman and that he will represent the UK around the world. I’m glad they just let him stay as a face in his home country.

Mike Knox beat D-Lo Brown. Knox has a great beard. I’ll give him that. This was just a total squash. Knox hit punches, knees, a big boot and the downward spiral for the pin. Michael Cole said that Knox is surling. He’s eloquate, that Michael Cole.

They then went backstage, where Beth comforted Santino. Santino said that what happened was a tragedy, and that in his frustration he called Shane McMahon. Apparently he was rude so Shane made Beth vs. Mickie James for the women’s title. Beth was angered and broke Santino’s phone. Santino was about to cry.

Following another John Cena returns video package, Chris Jericho came out with his title and had a message for Cena. He pointed out that Batista beat John Cena and that Chris Jericho beat Batista. Thus, via MMath, Jericho will defeat Cena. Jericho said that he exposed Michaels’ fans for the hypocrites they are and then destroyed Michaels in his own match. He said that he would finish the story on Raw, and that Cena should watch to see that not every story has a happy ending.

Rey Mysterio beat Kane. Prior to the match Kane said that he enjoys torturing the innocent and he’ll do that to Rey. Rey used a drop toe hold to send Kane into the steps. He went for a crossbody off the apron but was caught. Rey then hit a moonsault off the barricade. Kane threw Rey into the barricade and undid the turnbuckles. He went for the choke slam but Rey escaped. Rey went for a pescado but was caught with an uppercut, which was a cool spot. Rey hit the 619 and went for a springboard splash but Kane caught him by the throat. Rey again used a drop toe hold to send Kane into an exposed turnbuckle and hit a botched senton off the top for the pin.

Manu and Cody Rhodes approached Randy Orton. They said that they had a week to think it over, and that they decided they would not in fact let Orton punk them out. Orton responded that Ted DiBiase was the weak link and Orton did what they didn’t have the guts to. Orton said that neither of them is in his league. Rhodes slapped Orton and glares and grunts were exchanged.

Batista was scheduled to wrestle Randy Orton, but Cody Rhodes and Manu came out. Rhodes said that Orton can’t beat Batista but that he will. Orton apparently agreed, as he just left and let Rhodes take the match. This was quite the lame bait and switch. Of course, Batista destroyed Rhodes. He used a big boot, clothesline, spine buster and Batista bomb for the pin. Afterwards he speared Manu too, just to emphasize what geeks those guys are.

Beth Phoenix defeated Mickie James to retain the women’s title. Mickie was on offense for most of the match, going for pins. She went to the top, but Santino stopped her. Mickie knocked Santino down but Beth then rammed Mickie’s head into the post and pinned her.

Chris Jericho beat Shawn Michaels in a last man standing match. Before the match they aired a dramatic package on the feud between these two, and it left me so frustrated that just last week Michaels was using the feud as a punch line. Michaels mauled Jericho with punches. Michaels hit the forearm, nipped up, used a scoop slam and went for the elbow off the top. However, Jericho got up his knees. Michaels hit a springboard crossbody to the floor. Michaels went for sweet chin music but Jericho gave him a bulldog on the floor.

Jericho used a slingshot to sent Jericho into a mailbox on the floor. Michaels then sent Jericho into a car with a hip toss. Jericho applied the Walls on top of the car for a while, and Michaels was out for a nine count. Jericho went for a double ax handle off the car but Jericho punched him in the gut. Michaels threw Jericho off the stage and hit Jericho with the camera crane. Jericho got up at 8.

Back at the ring, Jericho grabbed a ladder. He hit Michaels with it twice. He then tried a third time but crashed into the post. Michaels threw the ladder at Jericho. Michaels hit an elbow off the ladder, putting Jericho through the announce table. JBL then went to interfere but Michaels sidestepped him. Jericho hit Michaels in the head with the title belt, but Michaels beat the count. Michaels then hit sweet chin music, but JBL immediately followed by clocking Michaels in the head with the chair. Jericho got up before the count and that was it. This was a tremendous match with a great finish.

Final Thoughts:

Paced by a great main event, this was a definite improvement over recent editions of Raw. I’m also encouraged that they’re going to start with a bunch of fresh feuds. I do wish, however, that more of the feuds featured a young guy against an established guy. Instead, it’s the same established guys rotating feuds and it kind of buries everyone else. The perfect example is that it looks like Orton will be feuding with Batista, rather than the feud with CM Punk that they had already set up anyway.

Just as a final note, you can check out my coverage of UFC 91 this week at CBSSports.com. I’ve got a piece on the Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar fight, as well as my predictions for the entire card. I’ll also be live blogging from Octagonside in Vegas this weekend, so check it out. I hear rumors that there will be a bunch of people from this website there, although my plan is to avoid them like the plague if at all possible.


Blogger adolfo said...

Adamle retorted that Shane and Stephanie turn off their cell phones during Raw, an odd assertion given the GM character is seemingly talking with a McMahon on the phone every other week. Jericho responded by saying he knew how he could get to them.


1:00 AM  
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Blogger DWW said...

I didn't think any of the crowd reactions were "weird," as you commented, Todd. About time fans started getting minds of their own and cheering those who they enjoy instead of the spoon-fed "heel" or "face" routines.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous tyson kaethler said...

I didn't think any of the crowd reactions were "weird," as you commented, Todd. About time fans started getting minds of their own and cheering those who they enjoy instead of the spoon-fed "heel" or "face" routines.

Actually, I think that's just more of a UK and Canada thing. Although there are a few big cities in the US that will do that as well sometimes (New York, Chicago, etc).

7:35 AM  
Blogger Todd Martin said...

What is going on with these comments?!

I wasn't meaning to take a shot or the audience or anything. I agree with you that the audience cheering or booing who they want is a good thing. I just couldn't make heads or tails out of who they decided to like and dislike is all.

1:08 PM  
Blogger DWW said...

I wasn't suggesting that you were taking a shot at the audience, Todd. When you use a term like "weird" to describe the audience reaction, it implies it's not the norm, whereas cheering for who you like, face or heel, should be the norm.

6:52 PM  

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